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Facebook Live is here for everyone

Facebook Live is upon us good people. Remember those live videos that “celebrities” used to post on Facebook doing all kinds of silly things. Well, now everyone has a chance to do those silly things themselves. Facebook Live Videos is now open to everyone with a smartphone.

How to try it

Open your Facebook app on your phone. Click to start typing a new status. On that screen, there’s a new option called Go Live.

Facebook Live - Go live

Facebook Live – Go live


This option take you the next screen which says describe your video. Type in the description for your video and the video audience (Friends, Family, public etc). Click the go live button and you are on your way. Sometimes the Go Live button does not appear. If it doesn’t, it usually means your connection is too slow for a Facebook Live video. Just try again if you feel your connection is strong enough.

Facebook Live - Describe your video

Facebook Live – Describe your video

What is Facebook live? It is a service recently introduced by the social network which allows people to records a video and stream it live to their profile wall. This means your friends and followers can also watch you strut your stuff in real time. After the live video is done, the video becomes available as a normal video.

Which is all good and fine. The more content is created on Facebook, the more interesting our news feeds should become.

(begin rant)Except, now that everyone can Facebook Live, the videos being posted suck. They are meaningless in most cases as people try out the service and see what it means for them. To date I haven’t created a single live video because I have nothing to broadcast of interest so to speak. This reason however is not stopping most people. Walking to the kitchen to go get a drink from the fridge is being broadcast onto Facebook. Taking your dog to go poo outside the house is also being broadcast as well. No-one really wants to watch you scratching your ears or navel. OR walking to the toilet with a narrative as to why its important that you go to the toilet. Nope. No-one cares. So for the love of all that’s holy, please stop and wait for worthwhile broadcasting opportunities to use Facebook live.   (/end of rant)

Of course as times goes on I hope this nuisance will go away as people learn to regulate their live videos. Like when Facebook started, people had nothing to write on their walls and would write all sorts of weird unnecessary  “stuff”.

Besides the quality of videos being posted, this in itself is a life changing technology. Facebook has lowered the bar for people to try broadcasting. You really don’t need sophisticated equipment to broadcast your content. You can start your own TV series from your dining room and have online followers. With time you can even somehow make money from this. You can even do it from the toilet seat if you want (please don’t). That part I believe is good in the long term.

Another small gem that did not get as much noise from Facebook was the ability of people to add live videos in comments. Although you could upload a video or picture as a comment, now you can just record the video directly as a comment and not bother with typing anything. This is something that was not possible before.

If you have a smartphone, open Facebook and open a post. Under comments, click the video icon. The gallery pops up. From the gallery screen, click the record video icon. Start talking and you video is uploaded as a comment.

Video comments

Video comments

Pretty nifty hey.

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