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WhatsApp Competition win Scam – Please beware

After having seen this message on many people’s phones I just decided to put it somewhere where a lot of my colleagues and friends will see this without me individually messaging all of them. This concerns a certain message being sent by different numbers from different countries with almost similar message on WhatsApp that tells you you have won something and you should call a certain number to claim your prize.

Below is a screenshot of one the messages:

WhatsApp premium rate telephone number scam

WhatsApp premium rate telephone number scam

Well, the honest truth is something that you probably knew already but i’ll say it out. ITS A SCAM. You did not take part in any competition, so do not expect to win anything. I know things might be hard and a brand new Mercedes Benz will be a big welcome addition to your life, but lets think things through a little bit. You haven’t won anything, probably you are being in the process of being scammed if you really call any of the numbers.

How you might ask?

Well, if you happen to call that number you will end up with a slightly larger phone bill or if you are a pay-as-you go person, just sink all your credit into a single call which no-one is ever going to answer or if they answer it will be a load of nonsense to keep you longer on the call. Because these numbers are premium rated telephone numbers. You can read more on the link but in simple words, they are phone numbers that generally cost you more to call to than ordinary numbers. Some of the money goes to the owner of the telephone number (the weird people who sent you the WhatsApp message) such that the more you call them the more money they make as they get paid by the telephone service provider. So as you are getting poorer by calling them, they are getting richer without having to do anything.

This is just a variation of a scam that his been with us for some time which  has just been upgraded to mobile phones. Some years back it, this used to come as emails, and it was upgraded to missed calls which you misteriously saw you on your phone. Calling back the numbers resulted in the same thing, sinking credit or large phone bill. This time they have made it more personal by sending WhatsApp messages. And for them, because WhatsApp is free they never have to spend a cent to send you the messages.

For them its a numbers thing. Yes  most people know this as scam and will ignore it. But these crooks thrive on that one percent who will for whatever reason, call the number just to see what happens. Which is the reason why they are bombarding people with these messages hoping a few millions will call them back as part of the 1%. Remember, WhatsApp has about 700 million active users so they have a large collection of people to scam.

So, no matter how many times you call those numbers, you will never win anything. You have a higher chance of hitting one of Plutos moons with a tennis ball than getting anything from these crooks. So for the love of the Almighty, please don’t waste your time calling those numbers. Don’t be fooled. Call you parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/sister/brother instead.

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