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WhatsApp calling: how to activate now

WhatsApp calling: how to activate now (no root access required)

Someone from the UAE has called me on and somehow activated my WhatsApp calling feature on my phone. This feature although people have been talking about for some time, nobody seemed to really have an idea of how the invite system worked or not. Some instructions floating on the internet needed you to have root access to activate it. Some phones even after activating the feature, was still not working. These instructions will allow you to have that feature now without jumping through too many hoops, or having root access.

WhatsApp calling activated

WhatsApp calling activated

I have a few answers to some of these queries. First this feature is in Beta meaning WhatsApp is trying by all means to fully test this before making it available to its 700 million active users. Secondly, the reason why sometimes the instructions found on the net were not working is because the WhatsApp calling servers seem to stop working sometimes and therefore even after having the call tab in your WhatsApp, you could not make any calls.

The funny thing about this feature is that almost everyone already has it on their phones. Its just that WhatsApp has decided to hide that feature till they are happy on how it works. Which is also why its relatively easy to activate and start using it.

As for the WhatsApp calling servers, as I write this article, they seem to be working but i cannot guarantee for how long they will work.

Ok, the how:

My instructions are exclusively for people with Android Phones. I cannot verify if this works on other platforms or not but with the correct version everything should work. The following is the series of steps we need to take to activate and start using WhatsApp calling:

  1. You need the latest version available version. (The one in the Google Play Store is not the latest, you need to get it direct from WhatsApp as an APK file)
  2. You need to allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store on your phone settings
  3. After step 2, Install this version
  4. Once installed, you need someone with WhatsApp calling already activated to call you
  5. After the the call is done, you will immediately see 3 tabs on your WhatsApp (see below)
New tabs within WhatsApp after activating WhatsApp calling

New tabs within WhatsApp after activating WhatsApp calling

That’s it its quite simple actually, but i know people will face challenges. Here’s how to overcome those challenges:

Link to get WhatsApp APK file (this is genuine, straight from WhatsApp themselves)

Get the latest APK file here

Please note there’s no need to remove the existing WhatsApp when you install this version via the APK file. It will just install on top of the existing one and retain everything. Its a short automated process.

Enabling of unknown source

To allow installation of apps from sources other than Google Play Store follow these instructions:

Getting a call from someone already activated

If you have my number you can message me on WhatsApp. If not, try some Facebook Group on the internet to get someone to call you.


This feature is coming to everybody in future, but these instruction will help you to get it now and start using it. However please note, sometimes the WhatsApp server get wonky and refuse calls. This is normal at this stage, jsut be patient and wait for them to come back online.

For now, Happy Calling

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