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MTC and TN Mobile: Please provide us with Credit Airtime on Loan (Emergency Airtime)

This idea is based on what other countries have done to provide some form of emergency credit loan facility. This is how it works:

Let’s say you are in an “emergency” situation (this can be translated to anything literally) and you really need quick credit to call someone. Obviously the emergency is not strong enough to call the always free 911 or 112 emergency service numbers. So you dial a short-code on your phone and your service provider give you lets say N$5 dollars airtime. You then use this airtime as normal.

Airtime on Credit

Airtime on Credit (picture by

The next time you recharge, since you are in negative, the service provider takes back its money and you live happy ever after. Some service providers provide this service for free other charge an interest fee which might be 10% of the loaned amount.

Although I know this might be a very very long short, why doesn’t MTC or TN Mobile introduce something like this for its clients. There’s nothing to lose only to gain. Because that airtime on loan is airtime bought meaning more sales.

One of the reasons I thought of this is because for some reason my bank (Standard Bank) does not allow me to access their mobile banking service without airtime. This means if I want to use their Top Me Up service to recharge my airtime, I need to actually have airtime in my phone. So without airtime in my phone, I cannot buy airtime using their mobile banking service. FNB solves this by providing a *140*000# short-code which works even without airtime and then allows me to buy airtime.

There are many other emergencies as well that I can think of that might require airtime. You can even come up with more creative emergencies of your own. MTC does have the free excellent call me service which allows one to send a call me request. Of course, the assumption in this case is the person you are sending a call me request does have airtime to call you back. This conundrum can be solved by the suggested Emergency Credit on Loan system.

Because people are creative and would try to find creative ways to benefit from this service without reciprocating, MTC or TN Mobile can make the service accessible to people whose SIM cards have been active for let’s say 4 months and have previously bought a certain amount of airtime.

Obviously my vision would be for them to provide this for free as well. By free I mean you just pay back the amount loaned to you with no interest on top. A good starting loan amount can be N$5.

Feel free to pass the message to MTC and TN Mobile.




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