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Gmail’s New Inbox

The engineers at Gmail never seem to sit still for a moment. They seem to be dreaming up way to make their email system better and better. And i believe this new inbox things really makes life on email a little less unbearable.

Before i go into the new inbox let me tell you first about the different types of emails i receive. There are business emails, there are emails from friends, family colleagues. There are also notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Google Alerts, and billion others from different providers from all over the internet. All these entities seriously believe i have the time to go through their silly emails, notifying me about stuff that i already half knew. Something like Bill Gates is now following you on Twitter. As if that’s important to my life. No its not. Then there are the notifications from Google+. Those were just too much that i just decided to remove them all together. I don’t want to see them ever, either here on or earth in the next afterlife.

Then there’s the promotions. What what is having a sale and we thought you might want to buy our software which is on special blah blah. I’m not interested thank you. Some might say i’m to blame and i might have signed up and given them my email address, but that does not mean they should be sending me a gazillion emails.

However for all these problems Gmail has the all-powerful filters. I’ll just select the email, select filter messages like this, select the action to take (for most, it was skip inbox, delete) and forget about the email. From that time onward, Gmail would remember the filter actions from those emails and act as my firewall.

Now, they have come up with another system which i believe works in collaboration with these filters. The New Gmail inbox. When activated, this inbox creates new tabs on top of your inbox. Some of the tabs available include Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. This means that Gmail now applies new algorithms to your incoming emails and place them in these tabs based on where the email is coming from and the content. And the system works brilliantly. Where i manually used to need to create filters to organize these emails,  Gmail now automatically does it for me. And its doing a better job than i used to do with my 149 filters.

Gmail's new Tabs

Gmail’s new Tabs

Clicking on the new Configure Inbox option allows you to set the tabs you would like to see. I’ve just about selected all except forum. This is because i already have filters that take care of emails from forums.

Configure Inbox setup

Configure Inbox setup

So all those irritating notifications from Twitter,  Facebook, Google+ and crew are now thrown in the Social Tab. And i never open that tab. If i do, its just to select all and delete. Those annoying promotions and unsolicited email, thrown in the Promotions tab, which i also rarely open except to delete. What is left is placed in my Primary tab. This is where real emails are now left. Un-sodomized emails from those people that i know, that i communicate with regularly. Its those emails i am most likely to read and respond. Important emails. So once again thank you Google.

If you haven’t already activated it, give it a try, it might just give you that order that was lacking in your email.

On a totally unrelated matter, Google just bumped up my free storage space to 15GB. Nice!

Gmail storage Space

Gmail storage Space

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