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Google Docs still a long way to go

Google Docs still has a long way to go

Google Docs still has a long way to go

I have lots of stuff to rant about Google Docs and its ability to work with Word document files that contain nothing but simple text and upload file sizes. And yet they are calling themselves an Ms Word alternative.

First of all, they only allow uploading of that are only less than 2MB. Maybe this guys have the wrong calendar or something, but mine says 2011. And that means i should be allowed to upload a file of any size (for sanity’s sake, lets say any file size as long as its below 2Gb). and be allowed to edit it.

To show i’m not just rambling about nothing, i was working in my faithful Ms Word, doing a user manual for a recently developed system (yes i’m a developer). After having finished my part, i was supposed to hand it over to a colleague to add more flesh into, and a brilliant idea came to mind. Why not use Google Docs excellent collaboration tools so we don’t have to email the 9Mb file back and forth.

So i proceeded to open my Google and started the document upload. After waiting for a few seconds, the verdict came back, my document was deemed too large by the Google jury and would not be allowed into Doc’s 2Mb club.

Sorry, this file is too big. We can only convert files up to 2

Sorry, this file is too big. We can only convert files up to 2MB

So there ended my collaboration dream, because Google thought my 9MB file was too big for their Docs Server. Just to make sure this wasn’t an industry standard, i opened Skydrive and uploaded the same document and opened it for editing and managed to share it within a minute.

Ok, i have a soft spot for Google, so i might forgive them, maybe with all the millions of gmails being sent around the world, they are running out of space.

Then came the second incident a few minutes after this one.

For the same development project named above, i created a two paged report in word and decided once again to share it with my colleague. Simple document, no fancy markup, a few paragraphs with a few bold headings and thats it. Thought this would be a breeze in Google Docs, its below 2Mb and its text only.

But alas, how wrong i was. Uploaded the document and it opened it in editing mode. And the document had been butchered by Google Docs. The nice paragraphs which spaced the text nicely into blocks (of paragraphs), gone!. My original text was all calibri and it had been converted into Times New Roman. the painful this about this is that calibri is available as a font in the edit box font selection  box.

Maybe it just me and my tired laptop, or Google really needs to up its game. In case you might have better luck than me, here is the original document, (replaced the actual report text with replacement text). Upload it into your Google Docs and see if it works out for you.

For now i’m back to emailing documents to my work colleagues, and yes you guessed it, with Gmail, which thankfully still works properly.



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